Does it . . . .

Does it feed your Soul pic

Does it feed your Soul

Is something we should ask

Should we fall prey to the ping

Of some unanswered task


Should we follow blindly

The throngs to the shops

Handing over our precious time

In pursuit of handbags, pants and tops


Should we complain bitterly

About the list of our ‘To Dos’

As we fill our lives and houses

With more stuff than we can use


Should we let our need for stuff

Overrun our very Soul

As we sink into our wants and needs

And let them eat us whole


We only have one life to lead

To spend it wisely should be our goal

So I ask again – and you should too

Does it feed your Soul?


C Weston




Inertia – Jason deCaires Taylor MUSA


I profess to want to write, yet cannot write anything,

I profess to want to create, yet cannot create anything,

I complain about inertia, yet make no attempt to move,

I feel trapped, yet have no shackles to speak of.

I am shouting into the void, yet make no noise.

C Weston 2016.